Problem Finding

Get bootstrapped or put into an accelerator/incubator within 6 months, guaranteed.

There is no other program that makes this guarantee, and you might not even have an idea for your next business yet.

It’s guaranteed thanks to our novel problem finding process. If you’re a wannapreneur with no experience, or an entrepeneur making money already, there’s no reason to wait any longer – unless you want fear to win, and it’s the relationship with fear which distinguishes the successful.

What you agree to:

  • $500/month CAD for 6 months (approximately $370 USD/m)
  • No refunds unless you’re not bootsrapped or not accepted into an accelerator/incubator in 6 months
  • You can quit any time or be fired from the program any time (if you’re not putting in the work)

What you get:

  • Weekly accountability meetings where we handhold you through the process
  • We’ll get all your legal documents done at no extra costs (cap table, proforma etc) which alone would cost you more than double the cost of this 6 month program
  • We’re available any time if you have questions or are over achieving and want to know next steps

“A deep understanding of a job allows you to innovate without guessing what trade-offs your customers are willing to make. It’s a kind of job spec.” Harvard Business Review

“In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” Charles Revson, founder of Revlon.